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  1. By Sergey on Sep 5, 2010

    Just wanted to mention that i’m heavily using this Wonderful piece of software!

    It’s mature and very useful:

    * extremely versatile with all of its building blocks (my favorites are: html and todo).

    I frankly spent one full day searching for good notes software before i find this.
    For me, usefulness of bias is like of ‘freemind’ – which has some other purpose, but already got wide popularity.

    * portability – after have been using it under windows for some months (have some megabytes in data dir) i’ve easily moved under linux (ubuntu) – all is OK!

    * codepages support – most of my notes, texts, todo’s and so are in russian. Works well in windows & linux.

    * backup & restore – now using under windows & linux with easy switching

    * and with all of it – is is STABLE. I’m using it everyday – starting, stopping, backuping and restoring, constantly filling with new notes. And i’ve got only one or two hangs in last two or three months. And i haven’t lost any data at ALL!

    So, for me, it is the BEST!
    (I don’t think i’ll find something better for my huge everyday personal notes in next years)

    Keep moving it, Roman!
    And thank you for you work!

    Sergey Khokhlov

    p.s. I think we’ll see cloning of this simple, but powerful idea of such a versatility information management…

  2. By kion on Oct 16, 2010

    Hey Sergey,

    Thanks a lot for such a detailed and pleasant feedback – i’m really glad to hear Bias helps other people to organise things well! ;)

    Bias has quite established codebase right now – that’s why there were not a lot of updates recently… But i’m trying to constantly improve it, so stay tuned! ;)

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